Monica Fernandez:

ACS is definitely a hidden gem and we were so blessed to have found as they have made a huge impact on my granddaughter's life and ours. She is thriving in all aspects of learning and life which she continues to amaze us every day. ACS is a very loving environment and they are very engaged with every child, their needs including their families that walk through their door. You become part of the ACS family and the ACS family becomes part of yours.

Monica Fernandez

Twyla Cheatwood:

Audrey started ACS at 2.5 years. We knew she needed an environment which would allow her to grow socially, academically, and individually. It took very little time for us to start seeing subtle, positive changes in Audrey. ACS taught her, in a safe, nurturing environment, the importance of choices and the responsibilities that come along with each decision. Her father and I watched as she continued to grow over the next 3 years. Audrey has now transitioned to Kindergarten and we continue to be amazed with her abilities. Everyone misses ACS in our house and we all look forward to the day Audrey's sibling will start their journey with the great staff of this school.